What climate change affects the environment?

Greenhouses gas are continuously emitted on the planet, that is why global warming will be raised. Temperature approximately 1.1-degree Celsius rises.


Glasgow Breakthrough conference in the United Nations for the mission of climate change on the planet. 

Christiana Figueres (Exclusive secretary, 2010-2016, United Nations framework convention on climate change.)  

Our natural world has given us everything we need to survive and thrive. Allowing us to lay the foundations of our successful civilization. Your desire for progress is boundless. Your ingenuity is astonishing. Breakthrough innovations like the wheel and electricity, plus modern medicine, Technology, and Engineering have improved the way we live, work and connect forever. 


We are the most intelligent beings on the planet- human beings are the most intelligent on the planet. And yet we are destroying our only home. Humans have reached a turning point for humanity. We now must work together and use our ingenuity to tackle the climate crisis before it's too late. More progress is needed, fast. From The types of energy, we produce to the ways we power our lives and get around, right down to the ground beneath our feet.

What we do today could transform our economy and Societies, impacting the planet for millennia. The following factors contribute to over 50% of all Greenhouse gas emissions: power generation, road transport, steel manufacturing, and agriculture. Cleaning up these sectors will help us halve Global emissions by 2030, and keep 1.5 degrees warming within reach. Protecting vital ecosystems, communities, and future generations. And boosting jobs and livelihoods globally

This vision can only be realized and successive if we work together. We already made significant progress, but the pace of change is still far behind what is needed. That is why we are launching the breakthrough Agenda, a global pact to work together to dramatically scale-up clean Technologies and drive down costs, making them affordable and available to everyone

Countries, businesses, people, and organizations from all over the world are coming together to make clean power the most affordable and reliable option for all countries. Zero-emission vehicles are the new normal. Green Steel, the preferred choice in the global market. Affordable, renewable, and low-carbon hydrogen is globally available. 

And makes sustainable food and land systems more economical and attractive in all regions by 2030. By working together, we can harness the power of clean technology and innovation but make 2020 a decade of delivery.

What is climate change?

Climate change is promoted to shifting temperature and weather tables. These shifts may be natural or human behaviors, the example of natural source -solar cycle, destroying ozonosphere. In the whole summary from the 1800s to 2020, human activities are continuously increasing- that is to maintain continuity just like burning fossil fuels (ex: fossil oil, coal, and gas, etc.), which is most effective for global warming. That is responsible for human activities in nurture.

This causes more greenhouse gas emissions. That means increasing the burning of fossil fuels generates more greenhouse gas emissions, which are affected by the ozone layer - placed in just like a blanket around the earth. Tapped the ozone hole by the sun's heating, corresponding to affecting the whole earth and raising the temperature.

The most common and most effective examples of greenhouse gas are methane gas and carbon dioxide gas. Their most effective gas, which is the largest part of climate change. These gases are coming from the burning of fossil fuels every day in parts of Daly life-like example driving a car- emission of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, etc. all are harmful gas. Environment effectively and continuously polluted by human activities.

What is the solution to greenhouse gas emissions?

Polluted land by construction materials, waste materials, manufacturing materials, etc. we constructed a re-plane for a solution to greenhouse gas emission.

We need to clear land and grow forests, that is to absorb the global warming effective gas carbon dioxide. This is one of the biggest parts of global warming. Also, we need high technology transportation, the use of high quality and eco-friendly materials in manufacturing companies, and more use of electric vehicles

Collecting methane gas, produced as a natural energy source. Garbage is a major source of methane gas emission - we need to reduce the extra garbage in your near house or land.

Temperature rising

Greenhouses are continuously emitted on the planet, that is why global warming will be raised. Up to 200 years, the highest global warm temperature- approximately 1.1-degree Celsius rises. In recent 10 years, it has been more effectively warm - created to record.

Earth is a system, one area polluted/ or warm, the affected whole world. One system is connected to another. That means one area's temperature rises simultaneously - other parts of the planet are affected correspondingly. Climate change is the major part of global warming on the planet.