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Today's current affairs for SSC CGL Railway UPSC. DRDO provides cheff technology for fighter jet passive jamming against infra-red(IR),radar threats.

Today's current affairs for SSC CGL Railway UPSC all are competitive exams. Now today we will discuss a few current affairs on August 25 and 24. All are Indian nationalism news for international news also required for current affairs. We provide current affairs problem solutions with PDF. How to better learn for better understanding in daily current affairs two helpful for exam purpose we are provided daily news helped by The Hindu newspaper. Some points are required for a daily basis point by point noted on your paper.


  •  Indian Home Minister on August 25, 2021 said that for Afghan Nationals travelers must use E-VISA. The Minister of Home Affairs (MHA) said that at present most issues there are E-VISA for all Afghan people.
  • The DRDO provides cheff technology for fighter jet, passive jamming against infra-red(IR), radar threats. Counter Measure Dispensing System(CMDS) is used for better survivable Aircraft,which is passive jamming against IR and radar threats.
  • On August 25, 2021 DELHI High court issued notice to the DELHI gov. and Delhi Commission for protection of child Rights(DCPCR) in the notice faver to ban sex selective surgeries on infants. In the petition said that representation was made to the Delhi commission for protection of child Rights highlight that intersex people were treated as disable.
  • Sean Lock, British comedian passed away on 25 August 2021 Wed. He won the BRITISH COMEDY AWARDS for the best live stand up performance.
  • Syed Shahid Hakim , former Indian National football coach, passed away on 25 August 2021. He was a member of the national team that played in the 1960 Rome Olympics.


  • The Tamil Nadu gov. launches 100 cr. Urban employment scheme. On the lines  of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) to improve the urban poor, Municipal Administration, water supply etc.
  • Almost complete edition of the Vaccination that score covide vaccine Delhi 22.1 percent Gujarat 22.5% on properties 12.7% Karnatak 18.7 percent Kerala 24.5% Tamil Nadu 9.9% Telangana 19.6% Maharashtra 15.7 percent Jharkhand nine percent Bihar 7.5% Uttar Pradesh 6.8% all are double dose completed few data adult person or people are uncompleted In the whole all state.


  • SBI reports that the GDP likely grew to 18.5% in April to June ok Indian gross like GDP RBI project in 21.5 5% in April-June.


  • The supreme court on 24 August health economy criteria should not be the sole basis for creamy layer. Social advantage employer in government service like played to equal role decided whether a person be deciding whether a person belong on creamy layer.


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